Soothing Aching Back and Joints

Achy Back

This last week my honey and I got a new mattress! Our old one was so lumpy that our back and shoulder joints were aching all day long! Normally, we would be reaching for our favorite over the counter pain relievers. But not any more because we have been going natural in supporting our body. And what to my wondering eyes should appear in my news feed this week? An article from the NY Times titled The Limits of Tylenol!

The study revealed that the former guidelines published in 2007 were limited in evidence. Now what? Here in 2015, we have the ability to do our own research on what is available to soothe our aching backs and joints.  The article makes this suggestion:

That patients should talk to their doctors and “discuss what are the best treatment options, and what are the harms and benefits. And they should be aware that this review shows that acetaminophen should not be recommended as a first line analgesic for these conditions.”

So here is what we have chosen for our first line – essential oils. Specifically, Soothing blend to soothe sore muscles and Lemongrass for them achy joints! Let the ‘ahhhhs’ begin!

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Hi, I am Julie Hellstrom. Several years ago, I decided to take my health back. Dealing with chronic headaches was interfering with my life. So I went on a journey to start making choices for me and my family. Today I am living a healthier, happy life. Making choices to take control of mine and my family’s health instead of totally depending on a doctor (who asked me each visit what I was allergic to?! Don’t they at the very least read my chart first!?) So here I am paying it forward, sharing what I have learned and do with you, it only feels right!

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