Oo LaLa – Essential Oils for Intimacy

Oo Lala - Essential Oils for Intimacy

Just in case you haven’t heard, essential oils can be used for intimacy! Yep, it’s true at “bedtime”, these all natural and safe oils can be a lover’s little helper. Now I am sure your first thought is massage oils. And that is certainly true. There are many options! Let’s explore, shall we?!

There is a couple of things you can do before you even enter the boudoir. Get out your diffuser and put in 2 drops of Black Pepper and Women’s Blend. Just for 10 minutes. Then both of you put a drop of Ylang Ylang on the bottom of your feet. Women can also apply a drop of Bergamot and Lavender around the outside of the ankles!

Now you’re getting ready! Turn the lights down, and add a drop of Massage Blend to a tablespoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil in your hands and rub them together until warm. Then massage wherever the mood leads! Make sure you each get a turn!

It’s Go Time! Break out the new KY jelly – Ylang Ylang. Need some extra lubrication ladies? Have a mixture of 1 oz. carrier oil (use FCO or Olive Oil), 2 drops Geranium, 1 capsule 1000 Vitamin E close by. If you are having an unexpected rendezvous, carry Sandalwood in your Oil keychain and apply directly instead. Throw in the Ylang Ylang in your keychain while you are at it!!

The rest is up to you! Be sure to breathe deeply (like you need me to tell you that!) and enjoy all of the aphrodisiac smells. Enjoy and your welcome!

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Hi, I am Julie Hellstrom. Several years ago, I decided to take my health back. Dealing with chronic headaches was interfering with my life. So I went on a journey to start making choices for me and my family. Today I am living a healthier, happy life. Making choices to take control of mine and my family’s health instead of totally depending on a doctor (who asked me each visit what I was allergic to?! Don’t they at the very least read my chart first!?) So here I am paying it forward, sharing what I have learned and do with you, it only feels right!

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