When you first started your own household, how did you set it up? If you were like me, it was a mirror image of your mom’s home. In fact, the way that I learned to take care of my home was to do my chores as a child!! Since then, I have learned that there is a lot more to keeping a home than dusting and vacuuming.

I know that sounds simplistic but we know it is not. There is so much more involved. Housekeeping is just one aspect, others are maintenance, gardening, creating a home environment, even picking out furnishings and bedding.  Who knew?

I remember the first time I switched vacuum cleaner brands and thought ‘hey I have some say over what I do at my house!’. Since then, things like hand-me-down couches, pictures, and furniture polish have all become my own. As we added kiddos to the mix, I became way more serious about creating a home that was not only a “loving” place, but safe and healthy. It was then I realized I was not beholden any more to tradition but still was to the stores’ recommendations, advertisements and, yes I will admit it, trends!

So I wasn’t really in charge of my home now was I? It was when I took a sweeping look at my life that I realized that not only could I take control of my health, my finances, my family, but I could take also be the final say on my home.

And that was what I have done! Sure I still weigh all of the above things in making decisions but they are run through my filter – natural, holistic and safe.  As much as possible of course! Let’s go on this journey together – you and me! Take control of our homes!

 Let’s Start the Journey

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