My First Car

The things you see when you’re walking! Today, I walked down a different street than I normally do, and what did I see? My first car!

Actually, it wasn’t my first car, but it was exactly like it. Back in 1973, I had a blue ’64 Volkswagen Bug. (This one was a ’63, but it looked identical and the color was the same). I loved that car but alas I got in a wreck later that year in my parents car, and my mom and dad realized that if that happened in the bug I wouldn’t have survived, so they made me sell it.

I paid $300 for that car. How much do you think it would be worth today? A quick search of Ebay showed me a beat up one that’s going for $3500. Argh! I’d love to have it back!

In my teenage years, I also had a ’64 Impala, two ’64 Galaxie 500’s, and a ’67 Camaro. All bought for under $500. If I had all 5 of those cars today, I could probably sell them and retire!

My dream car today? It would be a ’64 Thunderbird, or a brand new Tesla Model S. Neither can I afford, but I’m working toward that goal!

What was your first car? What’s your dream car? Do you have a plan in place to buy that beauty? I do! And I hope you do too. If not, why wait? Take control of that dream today!

Buy Your Dream Car!



Hi! My name’s Matt Hellstrom and I’ve been self-employed for almost 30 years, as the owner of a software company and as a mobile notary. Between the two ventures, I’ve brought in over $3 million in that time. I know how to make money, and run a successful business! Unfortunately, those businesses control my life, and I’m planning on taking that control back!

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