Oo LaLa – Essential Oils for Intimacy

Oo Lala - Essential Oils for Intimacy

Just in case you haven’t heard, essential oils can be used for intimacy! Yep, it’s true at “bedtime”, these all natural and safe oils can be a lover’s little helper. Now I am sure your first thought is massage oils. And that is certainly true. There are many options! Let’s explore, shall we?! There is a couple of things you can do … Read More

Soothing Aching Back and Joints

Achy Back

This last week my honey and I got a new mattress! Our old one was so lumpy that our back and shoulder joints were aching all day long! Normally, we would be reaching for our favorite over the counter pain relievers. But not any more because we have been going natural in supporting our body. And what to my wondering eyes should … Read More

My Hand Sanitizer Was Making Me Sick

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

I have never been a big fan of applying chemicals to my body. And I always knew that hand sanitizer was pretty much straight chemicals. Oh sure, adding something pretty like Aloe Vera wasn’t fooling me. And the fact that it dries the heck of my hands was a red flag. After doing some research I realized I was right, … Read More

My First Car

The things you see when you’re walking! Today, I walked down a different street than I normally do, and what did I see? My first car! Actually, it wasn’t my first car, but it was exactly like it. Back in 1973, I had a blue ’64 Volkswagen Bug. (This one was a ’63, but it looked identical and the color … Read More

Take A Hike!

Take a hike! That’s what my doctor told me, and I decided to do what he wanted me to. He said if I get 1/2 hour of aerobic exercise 3 times per week, I’d be a much healthier guy. He said that even walking was good for me, as long as I do it at a fast pace. Since I’ve … Read More