Take Back Control!

Start right now with the business tools, health tips, and go-to information to help you do just that TODAY!

Let’s Do It!

Who’s life is it, yours or theirs?

Too often we let other people or things have control of our lives. Bosses, doctors, customers, clients, health concerns, debt, even our children! Well, we want to end that in our lives, how about you? Do it today, it’s never too late!
As Hillel the Elder said “If not now, when? If not you, who?”

Your Finances

Do you hate your job? How about your boss or co-workers? Are you drowning in a pool of debt? Do you want to retire someday, but just can’t see a way that will ever happen? We can help!

Your Health

This is no longer your mom’s world of dieting  and depriving. Who knows your body better than you? Or cares more than you? No one! Get started making these choices, your choices today!

Your Home

Did you know that what you use and don’t use in your home has some say in your overall health and your families’ health? It’s true. Good news = out with chemicals in with natural and safe choices! Be the master of your domain using  the  great information found here!

Your Family

As parents, we always are looking of ways to make our kiddo’s lives better. This is your place to find health tips, recipes, anything for healthy living for your young-uns! Doesn’t this just make you a smart one, good at what you do?!

Meet Matt

Matt Hellstrom

Hi! My name’s Matt Hellstrom and I’ve been self-employed for almost 30 years, as the owner of a software company and as a mobile notary. Between the two ventures, I’ve brought in over $3 million in that time. I know how to make money, and run a successful business! Unfortunately, those businesses control my life, and I’m planning on taking that control back!

Meet Julie

Hi, I am Julie Hellstrom. Several years ago, I decided to take my health back. Dealing with chronic headaches was interfering with my life. So I went on a journey to start making choices for me and my family. Today I am living a healthier, happy life. Making choices to take control of mine and my family’s health instead of totally depending on a doctor (who asked me each visit what I was allergic to?! Don’t they at the very least read my chart first!?) So here I am paying it forward, sharing what I have learned and do with you, it only feels right!

Matt and Julie

We’re Matt and Julie Hellstrom and we live in Spokane, WA. We have spent our whole married life (27 years – woohoo!) working for ourselves and then raising 5 fabulous adopted kiddos. Through these years, we have gained a ton of experience in what to do to be successful in both of those areas.  Along the way, we have learned our health and our family’s health have a direct effect on our lifestyle. Let us give you the options you can choose from to take control of YOUR life!

It's time to get moving!

We're ready to get you motivated, and to give you the tools to take control today. Remember, now it's YOUR life!